Umut Kısa

Umut Kisa graduated from Ankara University Political Science Faculty and he has completed his master degree in K.Has University on Management Administration in 2008. He has completed his certificate training in “Leadership Essentials” with Harvard Business School. He completed his doctoral studies in Interpersonal Communication at Bilgi University. He also completed his post-graduate study with Paul Ekman International on Deception Psychology. Besides he is sole Paul Ekman International Trainings (Emotional Skills and Competencies & Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility) provider in Turkey. He has worked in Bilgi University, Istanbul Commerce University and Altinbas University on Neuromarketing, Digital Literacy, Digital Product Developmend and Leadership Mentoring.

Umut Kisa has worked in Koc Financial Services, Deloitte Consulting, Alstom Railway and Sabancı Holding as manager and senior manager in different areas like corporate governance, audit, risk management, finance, and human resources. He ended his corporate career in 2010 as Executive Committee Member one of the biggest holdings (Akcansa – Sabancı Holding) in Turkey. He completed different coaching training like ALC, Coachville and completed different courses like NLP Master Practitioner from Excellence Assured located in the UK and Inherited Family Trauma Therapist from North California Hellinger Institute. He carries MCC credential from ICF and a license of IAC (International Association of Coaching) He actively coaches leaders and C-level Managers since 2010.

He specialized himself in Executive Coaching. He has other credentials as CPA, CISA, and CIA from different global wide nongovernmental organizations. He is writing management and leadership articles at Unibusiness Magazine and Haber Hayat. He has ten books named “Us’ta Yol – The Way of Master”, “Ahuna”, “Discover Yourself From The Business”, “Aziz”, Mutluluktan Ölen Adam, Digital Intelligence, Nonjudgemental, Başka Bir İletişim, Koala Monti and Trees and Koala Monti and Black Cat. He has translated ffff books named Anger (Thich Nhat Hanh), The Tao of Pooh (Benjamin Hoff), The Te of Piglet (Benjamin Hoff) and Better Than Before: A Day-by-Day Journal (Gretchen Rubin)