Yeşim Erberksoy, PCC, SCPC, CSF graduated from Moda College in 1986. She holds a BA degree in English Language and Literature from Istanbul University. She completed her Master of Applied Psychology at Istanbul Commerce University. 

She worked for Moda College where she graduated from as an English teacher for 8 years. Then she worked both as an English teacher and head of the foreign languages department at MEF Schools for five years. She has been working as an English instructor at Istanbul Commerce University since 2004. Also, she is the Coordinator of CPD (Continuous Professional Development ) Office.

She completed ACTP ((Accredited Certified Training Program), programs in addition to Paul Ekman International (Emotional Skills and Competencies) ESaC and (Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility) ETaC.  and Trainer’s Challenge Program and received the CSF (Certified Skillful Facilitator) title at Sola Unitas Coach Academy. She has been working as a professional coach and trainer at the Academy since 2015.

She has been working as an ICA (Izotomi Certified Analyst) and conducting the İzotomi Program of the academy which focuses on students’ career planning for 2 years. She writes articles both for and izotomi blog to contribute to raising awareness about student coaching,

She is the mother a daughter with autism and takes an active role in OGAD which is an association giving support to families with autism.