About Us

In Service and Coaching Training We Create Value!

Sola Unitas is an organization that focuses on coaching services and coaching training and aims to create value for all stakeholders it serves.

Its vision is a world where people do not judge themselves and others, where everyone is loved and recognized for who they are. Sola Unitas started in 2009 with a dream shared by Umut Kısa and Şirin Aydıner. Today, we are very happy to share our short but proud story with you.

As two partners working as managers and consultants in corporate companies since the late 90s, we had an observation. People with higher consciousness judged each other less and were happier. Higher learning and higher performance were just the common result of their happiness levels. Helping people learn and raise their consciousness levels to achieve their dreams is a powerful dream we can have and carry. We know we will always hold this dream in our hearts.

On Coaching Education A Different Perspective

At the end of 2009, we created the Sola Unitas brand, which means “One Unity” in Latin. In 2010-2011, we had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people who believed in the purpose of our services. The fact that the concept of coaching has only existed in Turkey for a few years required us to focus more on promotional activities and to tell people more about what coaching really is. And today we are confident that we have contributed to making coaching much more recognizable.