Business Development Coaching​

Business Development Coaching​

Business Development Coaching involves providing support for the development of business models and processes of businesses by analysing them with creative thinking systems. Years of accumulation and experience in businesses close employees and leaders to new developments and the problem we call business blindness begins to emerge. The excitement, passion and desire for progress that existed during the growth periods of businesses are replaced by target pressures, daily business problems and cost-oriented approaches.

The development of businesses generally resembles the graph below. Each business first grows at certain speeds, but then declines due to the inability of the existing conditions to meet the new order. Companies that are able to create a new curve at point A on the first curve mentioned above can usually move to the second stage of rapid growth.

The aim of the Business Development Coaching Training is to teach people who will work as business coaches how to establish dialogue with businesses, how to ensure development and how to provide sustainable service in the business.

The acquisition of the necessary tools and techniques will be important parts of the training.

In the content of the training, information and methods will be given on the following topics.

BBKD (Baseline Benchmark Knowledge Database)

Process analysis and development models that we use for business applications, including best practices in hundreds of sectors.

Team Observations

Observational reviews of the teams and/or committees managing the business and a package of team development recommendations.

Business Vision Model

Aligning the organisation’s people and resources with the goals and vision and organising inspirational activities

S Model Development Studies

The S Model is based on the Sigmoid curve. It includes detailed observations and realisations so that development can be restarted.

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