Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

People who can see not only what customers say, but also their emotions and behavioural patterns gain the ability to satisfy the other party more in communication.Sola Unitas customer service training aims to answer the question of how a complaining customer becomes a pro-company customer as well as acquiring competencies in customer relations.

1) Change and Adaptation (Taking initiative/ Taking responsibility/ Managing change as a role model)

2) Adaptation and Broad Strategy Spectrum

3) Communication

4) Becoming a team

5) Alignment of Goals (alignment of organisational and employee goals and the emergence of potential performance)

Trainings focus primarily on changing behaviour. One-to-one demos and studies will ensure that the changes are automatic and will create visible behavioural changes.

Participants will adopt a behavioural model that will support them to work in a concentrated and motivated manner, depending on their goals in customer relationship management and away from distractions.

Employees in contact with the customer.

Maximum 20 people

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