Effective Presentation Techniques in English


Public speaking or making presentations, especially in an international business environment, can be challenging and worrying for many people, regardless of their level of English.

In fact, what is difficult is the shyness caused by not knowing which phrases and words should be used in the right place. Having effective presentation skills in the sections that require attention and emphasis without boring the listeners makes the process easier.

To equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in the use of the language so that they can express themselves confidently and effectively in the workplace or in academic settings. To motivate and guide the participants that they can improve themselves with an intermediate level of English. To master the terminology related to Business English.

– Features of a Successful Presentation

– Intonation, Accent, Emphasis

– Effective Language Patterns, Content Appropriate Expressions

– Language Patterns to be used in Introduction, Development and Conclusion Sections

– The Use of Language to Make a Positive Impact on Participants

– English Presentation Skills Development Methods

– Business English, formal and colloquial language patterns

Employees, managers and academics who have to make presentations in English in their organisations

Intermediate level English is sufficient for participation.

In-class training 2 days of 8 hours each

Online training 4 days of 4 hours each

The training period can be extended according to the participants’ need for more practice and feedback.

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