Employer Brand

Employer Brand

A concept that offers incredible opportunities for human resources employees is just beginning to develop in our country. Until very recently, the Human Resources Department was mainly dealing with internal transactions and indirectly affecting the sales and profitability of the company. Now, companies have found ways to directly benefit from the Human Resources Department in line with their goals.

As a result, they started to give much more importance to this department and department employees who manage the success and performance of the company’s employees, who are the most important value and resource for the company. Because HR employees who have knowledge and experience in this concept are among the sought-after values, whether for their own companies or for other companies. This approach offers irreversible opportunities for those working in the Human Resources Department.

The internal communication techniques increasingly implemented by world giants such as Starbucks, Ford, IBM, Disney, Walmart, Zappos, etc. put the Human Resources Department at the centre point for companies to achieve their goals. In general, we can state the most important objectives of companies and therefore managers as follows.

1) Productivity, sales, profitability and cash flow

2) Increase in the value of the company and its brands

3) High customer satisfaction

4) Happy and engaged employees

5) Sustainability

6) Preference for working

In line with these objectives, companies are making incredible efforts. When they look at these efforts from a different perspective, they investigate how they can better utilise their most important resources, their most important assets, namely their employees.

In addition to external communication, i.e. the communication between the company and its customers, internal communication is overlooked, but when used, it provides incredible benefits, whether on its own or in support of external marketing strategies. According to Gallup research, companies that attach importance to internal communication activities and have high employee loyalty have 12% more customer support, 18% more efficiency and 12% more profitability. The concept of internal communication includes internal marketing, employee engagement and internal branding. Companies are already implementing intrinsic marketing and employee engagement. However, the concept of internal branding is just developing. The human resources department offers opportunities for employees to achieve company goals and personal goals.

Internal branding is a conscious and planned process that aligns employees and work processes with company identity, brand identity and company values. The importance of internal branding work is related to employees “living” the company’s values, efforts to increase employee skills and loyalty, internal communication efforts, reward and recognition programmes, and sustainability. It is about employees consistently communicating the company’s vision, mission and values to customers.

There is an old saying: “do as I say, not as I do”. Today, this saying has lost its impact, whether in the relationships between children and their parents, in friendship or love relationships, or in the relationships of companies with their customers and employees. Nowadays, customers are not only interested in the marketing activities of companies, but also in the impact of the company on its employees. Employees’ behaviours, attitudes and the messages they spread are much more convincing to customers than the activities carried out in the field of marketing. Because it shows the real attitude of the company rather than its promises. Companies have realised that being customer-oriented is not enough to ensure their sustainability and increase profitability. Organisations have started to see their employees not only as resources but also as assets. They are becoming more and more aware of this and the question being asked is: How much do the employees within the company embrace the company and its brands? To what extent do they “live” the company’s values in their thoughts, actions and lifestyles. How much do employees believe in the services and products offered by the company, and more importantly, how well do they carry the company’s values and vision? In this respect, the need for Human Resources experts and managers equipped with knowledge and experience in internal communication is increasing day by day.

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