Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

At Sola Unitas, our role is to help successful senior executives make positive, long-term, measurable behavioural changes. These behavioural changes should contribute to their own productivity and that of the teams they lead. The executive coach puts all his/her resources at the disposal of the “coached” senior executive. The whole purpose of the executive coach is the development of the leader or leader candidate and taking a step forward.

1) The manager receiving coaching should have a clear understanding of what behaviour is desired in the leadership role. If they do not have this expectation with full clarity, it will not be possible to achieve the desired change. This is especially difficult for CEO/General Manager level managers.

2) The feedback of important stakeholders who influence the leader receiving coaching must be taken into consideration in the study.

3) How the coached leader is seen from the outside should be determined through interviews with colleagues, subordinates or superiors, the analysis should be completed by the executive coach and this information should be shared for the awareness of the leader.

4) There should be a clear agreement between the executive coach and the coached leader about which behaviours need to change. According to experience, the main behavioural strategies that need to be changed are between 1-3. In this way, the most important and high value-added behavioural changes can be focused on.

5) At the end of the work, the goal analysis and the results are evaluated to determine whether the behaviour change has taken place.

6) After this evaluation, the development process starts again.

People often question whether C Level Managers can change.

The answer is absolutely YES!

Even a very small change in the behaviour of senior managers has serious effects on organisations. From an organisational perspective, a leader changing his/her own behaviour can be much more important and positive than changing the organisation.

Our message to all senior managers is: If you want to support the development of others, start with yourself.

Your success as a leader is not reflected in what you do, but in the victories of the people you lead.

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