Leadership Education

Leadership Education

To be a good leader, people don’t necessarily have to like you. But they must follow you. How you are followed is directly related to how you behave. Sola Unitas Leadership training enables the individual to first recognise his/her own behavioural model and create his/her own leadership model as well as acquiring all leadership competencies.

1) Differences between Manager and Leader

2) Leadership Models

3) Which Leadership Model is Effective When?

4) Effective Leader and Communication

5) What are the Characteristics of Successful Leaders?

In the training workshop environment, participants are provided with the opportunity to learn leadership competencies by experiencing them in a practical environment and are given feedback with the experience and knowledge of the workshop leader. In addition to the theoretical information, the programme will be designed with the content that the participants will share their leadership experiences and practice on it.

With leadership training, participants gain knowledge about leadership approaches and have the opportunity to experience what they have learnt through theoretical knowledge as well as practices within the training.

Managers and manager candidates

Maximum 20 people

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