Sales Coaching Training

Sales Coaching Training

A good sale starts with establishing the right communication with the person in front of you. It is important to know exactly what the person needs and to hear what they tell you, to make them realise their expectations and to make them believe that the product/service is exactly what they want. In the sales phase, it is important to be able to respond to the needs of the other person with a broad perspective as well as what they say. The way to do this is to understand the person fully and completely.

1) Knowing the customer

2) Communication languages used in sales

3) Emotional intelligence

4) Building effective relationships

5) Persuasion theories

6) Sales process and sales skills

Trainings focus primarily on changing behaviour. One-to-one demos and studies will ensure that the changes are automatic and will create visible behavioural changes.

Participants will learn effective sales skills, persuasion methods and how to use them in communication as well as deep communication with the person in front of them.

Sales department employees

Maximum 20 people

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