Coaching Workshop

Coaching Workshop

“Coaching is the art of believing in others,” says Gregg Thompson, author of The Master Coach. So, how much do you believe in yourself as a coach?

Undoubtedly, in order to be able to give a positive answer to this question, during the ACTP graduation process, you are trying to do kilometers to increase your coaching competencies, that is, you meet with more clients, read books on the field, receive supervision and follow innovations in order to increase your coaching experience. In this process where motivation is very important, it is very important to review the following items one by one. These are the most important responsibilities of the coach:

– Helping the client to clearly see his/her wishes and vision in the creative partnership you are working on with him/her, sometimes helping him/her to discover from scratch, and in doing so, building rapport and trust

– Helping the client to see and recognize their options and resources, and to take action to use them, so that their blind spots can be illuminated and they can get the full benefit from the coaching.

– To have confidence in one’s own competencies and coaching abilities and to accept each client as a unique individual without judgment, believing in the client’s potential.

You may have learned and practiced countless information and techniques related to all these responsibilities in the training modules and continue to improve yourself. The Coaching Workshop can be a great opportunity for you to feel that you are completed and integrated with the profession in order to do this profession professionally with your title accredited by ICF, International Coaching Federation.

Coaching Workshop is a one-day workshop, in other words, a practical coaching module, designed to meet the needs of our students in the graduation process with the feedback we receive from you both in trainings and triple coaching.

We have designed this workshop to help you feel more equipped and confident in terms of coaching competence and confidence as you come to the stage of submitting your graduation registration, where you will have the opportunity to observe and practice the methodology and techniques of the coaching interview on the demo, group work and coaching recording.

We are looking forward to your participation in this workshop that will increase your motivation and bring you one step closer to graduation so that you can open the doors of this profession that we do with passion.

April 19, 2020, Istanbul, Koala Bookstore Event Hall (Nişantaşı)

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