Student Coaching Training

Student Coaching Training

The creative, innovative, explorer, artist in each of us is patiently waiting to be unleashed. The world expects our children to create and shape their gifts. But today’s reality, life systems, schools, government, public schools or other mass education systems do not adequately support the unlocking of the true talents within children. They do not equip students with the appropriate competencies to be successful and happy in life.

Rather than helping children to become independent and productive, the institutions and societies in the world we live in cause them to conform to the system, become overly cautious, suppress their talents, destroy their innate abilities, become risk-averse, overly fearful and average. Student coaching seems to be the most appropriate and productive way to help students, to bring out their strengths and to help them move towards their goals in a motivated way. As professional coaches, we all know how important it is for our future what is involved in coaching as defined by ICF (International Coaching Federation). In this definition, we only need to replace the coachee with the students.

Coaching is a creative partnership process that challenges thinking and enables different perspectives to emerge in order to maximize students’ potential and performance.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited training “Coaching Teens and Students into a Thriving Present and Future” will provide you with the skills to coach teens and students unlike any other type of coaching, as well as support students to move happily and successfully towards their goals. Our training program is about how you as a coach or parent can make the most contribution to your child or student.

It is one of our “specialization” trainings that can be taken after a minimum of 60 hours of coaching basic training.

“Student Coaching Training” consists of a total of two days and the following criteria must be met in order to participate in this training.

– Documentation of at least 60 hours of coaching training

You can visit for online training dates: Online Coaching Trainings

The tuition fee is 7500 TL and 6250 TL for Sola Unitas students. Prices include VAT. For all our prices, Maximum, World Card, Card Finans, Bonus, Paraf and Axcess cards can be used in 6 installments without maturity difference. A 5% commission is applied for terms between 7-9 months.

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