Aslı Aydemir Aytaç-En

Aslı Aydemir Aytaç, MCC

Coach & Trainer

Aslı Aydemir Aytaç graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Communication and Design and received her Executive MBA from Boğaziçi University. She attended Boğaziçi University Psychology Department as a visiting student for one year.

Aslı started her professional career at Doğan Yayın Holding, where she worked at the Dream Design Factory, designing communications for national and international brands. At every stage of the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Project, Turkey’s first public-NGO-private sector project, she was involved in the cultural and artistic promotion of Turkey through Istanbul. She worked as an advisor to the Mayor of the district where Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula is located. Since the end of 2012, she has been a member of Sola Unitas Academy.

Aslı has lived in England, Italy, Spain, Austria, Italy, Italy, Spain and Austria and has traveled to many countries on different continents. Throughout all of these experiences, Aslı realized that it is the uniqueness of the human being and the perfect wholeness of the inner world that makes her heart beat, and she directed all her resources to this field.

Since 2013, Aslı has been conducting Gestalt-based coaching sessions with individuals and couples from all over the world in Turkish, English and Italian. Aslı, who works on the inner worlds of individuals and the worlds they intersect with others, is one of the 400 people in the world who have the MCC (Master Certified Coach) title awarded by ICF (International Coaching Federation) in the field of coaching. As of 2022, she has 4000+ hours of coaching experience.

Aslı, who stepped into this field by completing Sola Unitas Academy coaching trainings with two different trainings, one based in London and the other based in Singapore, has received Microexpressions trainings from Paul Ekman Group, Gottman Couple Therapy trainings, NLP and Hypnosis trainings, Therapeutic Cards trainings and Inherited Family Traumas trainings from Mark Wolynn over the years.

Aslı has a book called “Actually Love – A Bedside Book for Happy Relationships” and a channel on Youtube called “A Few Minutes for a Happy Relationship”.

Aslı is the wife of Hakan and the mother of Hayal.