Ayça Kabaş-En

Ayça Kabaş,

Executive Coach & Trainer

Ayça Kabaş graduated from Tarsus American College in 1986 and continued her education at Istanbul University English Business Administration Department. Believing in lifelong learning, Ayça is currently a student at Istanbul University, Department of Sociology. She spent 23 years in the world of finance, which she entered in 1990 at Deha Securities, and ended her 20-year journey as a Senior Executive in 2013, having started at Global Securities in 1993. Ayça started her executive coaching career with the Path to Great Leadership and Path to Core Coaching Masteries, The Right Step for Executive and Team Coaching trainings of IAC Licensed and ICF Approved Sola Unitas Coach Academy and Singapore based Success Motivation training institutions. She also completed NLP trainings and Trainer’s Challenge programs and received the CSF (Certified Skilful Facilitator) title.

She has been working as a Training Designer, Executive, Team and Career Coach at Sola Unitas Academy since 2012.

Ayça has a vision of a world with the right communication and plans experiential designs to increase the effectiveness of the limbic system in her work and continues to observe and experience the conditions under which behavioral change occurs. She designs and delivers many trainings with different contents to organizations with a focus on Leadership, Communication and Change.

Between 2015 and 2019, she worked as the General Manager of Sola Unitas Coach Academy and still works as a Trainer and Professional Coach at the Academy. Ayça is one of the few coaches in Turkey to hold the title of PCC by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).