Umut Kısa-En

Dr. Umut Kısa, MCC

Visibility Executive
Executive Coach

He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences and continued his second undergraduate education at Istanbul Commerce University, Department of Psychology. He completed her master’s degree in “Management and Organization” and her PhD in the Department of Communication. He completed her Post Graduate studies in “Communication and Behavior Analysis” at Paul Ekman Group. Umut Kısa, who has worked at Koç Financial Services, Deloitte and Alstom, served as an Executive Committee Member at Akçansa, a Sabancı Company.

In 2012, he was recognized by Para magazine as one of the most influential coaches in Turkey. He is a TEDx speaker. He has received training on -Hereditary Family Traumas- from the Hellinger Institute of Northern California.

He has completed the Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) and Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC), Facial Action Coding System (FACS), Psychophysiology, Interview and Interrogation Techniques trainings developed by world-renowned professor Paul Ekman and has been approved as an “International Trainer” by Paul Ekman.

He is one of the 400 people in the world with the MCC title awarded by ICF in the field of coaching. He is the author of “AHUNA” , “US’TA YOL”, “KENDİNİ İŞTEN FETHET”, “AZİZ”, “DİJİTAL ZEKA”, “BAŞKA BİR İLETİŞİM”, “MUTLULUKTAN ÖLEN ADAM”, “KOALA MONTİ VE AĞAÇLAR”, “KOALA MONTİ VE KARA KEDİ”, ve “KOALA MONTI AND THE TREES”.

He has also translated Benjamin Hoof’s “Pooh’s Tao”, “Piglet’s Te”, Gretchen Rubin’s Diary of Healing Habits, and Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Anger” into Turkish.