Yeşim Erberksoy-En

Yeşim Erberksoy

Izotomi Project
Coach & Trainer

Yeşim Erberksoy graduated from Istanbul University, English Language and Literature. She completed her master’s degree in Applied Psychology at Istanbul Commerce University.

After graduating from university, she worked as an English teacher at her alma mater, Private Moda College, for eight years. Afterwards, she worked as an English teacher and department head at MEF schools for five years. Between 2004-2019, she worked as a lecturer and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) coordinator at Istanbul Commerce University.

She has successfully completed Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Student Coaching, Inherited Family Traumas and Paul Ekman ESaC and ETaC trainings at Sola Unitas Academy.

She is the leader of the Coaching Workshop within the Academy.

Yeşim Erberksoy, who has also completed the Isotomy Certified Analyst training, is also the project leader responsible for the coordination of the Sola Unitas Academy Isotomy Project.

She is a professional coach certified as a PCC by the ICF International Coaching Federation and a graduate of the Sola Unitas Academy Train the Trainer Program.

She utilizes her knowledge and experience from her teaching and psychology education in individual and corporate coaching services and trainings, especially student coaching. She shares her feelings and experiences as a columnist on and on the Izotomi website.

As a mother of a daughter with autism and also as a coach, with the support of Sola Unitas Akademi, she supports OGAD (Autism Strong Family Association) by coaching families in institutions and projects.