Accredited Coach Training Program

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the coaching authority in the world. Sola Unitas CA is fully authorized to accompany you to the end of your ICF accredited ACC and PCC qualifications. Sola Unitas CA “Advancing the Path to Core Coaching Masteries” is influenced by Fritz and Laura Perls’ Gestalt methods in coaching training. The whole program lasts 152 hours; content includes classroom sessions, experiential teaching methods, and workshops.

Languages Available: Turkish, English


The program consists of 152 hours. (Synchronous 142 hours and asynchronous 10 hours)

(a) Professional coach candidates who wish to obtain an ICF title through the ICF Portfolio method can apply for an ICF title if they complete the first four modules.

(b) The program consists of 4 compulsory and 2 elective modules for the professional coach candidates who wish to be fully equipped and to progress professionally with Sola Unitas CA in order to obtain the ICF title.

Mandatory and optional modules are given below. Click here for more information about module contents.

Compulsory Training Modules

  • Basic Coaching Training (Module 1)
  • Existence of Coach (Module 2)
  • World of Probabilities (Module 3)
  • Co-Creation (Module 4)

Optional Training Modules

  • Executive Coaching Training (Module 5)
  • Team Coaching Training (Module 6)
  • Relationship Coaching Training (Module 7)
  • Student Coaching Training (Module 8)
  • Career Coaching Training (Module 9)
  • Parent Coaching Training (Module10)

Additional Training Modules

  • Emotional Literacy and Micro Expressions
  • NLP
  • Mindfulness
  • Agile Coaching


  • According to data from Motto Research Company, Sola Unitas Academy is described as the highest satisfaction school among the three largest coaching training.
  • Our training is based on becoming a coach, not do coaching.
  • In order to be the most successful school towards our own vision and to sustain our success, we support our students’ credentialing processes to the end.
  • We prepare coaching projects for graduates to start their business.
  • Sola Unitas Training Program carries the ICF (International Coaching Federation) program accreditation which is accepted as the authority in the world.
  • The training is based on the standards and thoughts of psychology, coaching and philosophy pioneer leaders as Thomas Leonard, B.F. Skinner, Milton Erickson, and Spinoza.