Does coaching really work?

Does coaching really work? I think what lies behind this frequently asked question is a desperate pursuit of happiness. However, it is not possible to get rid of unhappiness totally in our lives. Things happen, go off and tragic things occur again. The essential thing is, “How common are the emotions? How long do they last? Am I sad, worried or angry about something definite with clear and understandable reasons?“ If not, maybe I go on living with these emotions for most of the time. Weather forecast? Or, Climate? This question was put forward by Dr. Francine Shapiro, the creator of EMDR Therapy Techniques.

Let’s assume that we feel worried about work. Is this worry only related to the workplace? Is there anybody else or any other circumstances that cause worry? What’s the use of the answer to this question? We might be labeling ourselves as worried, stressed or shy according to the emotions we experience in our communication with some people in some situations. Perhaps, the roots of these emotions go back to faith patterns from our childhood and we generalize them.

The professional coach lets his client find the answer to the question; “Is it weather forecast or climate?” so that he can find the balance no matter what irritates, worries or upsets him.

The question seems simple but it is effective. The coach needs to learn the methodology of coaching, read and write a lot in addition to attending training. Coaching Workshop is designed for this purpose. The active participants have a chance to improve their performance through experiencing coaching and analyzing cases. Don’t miss this workshop in order to learn about mindfulness, asking effective questions and boosting your motivation towards becoming a professional coach!

Yeşim Erberksoy, PCC