Coaching Training for Managers

Coaching Training for Managers

As the positions in the companies increase, it is seen that the managers are experienced, competent and knowledgeable in their jobs. The reason for the problems experienced is mostly due to communication. Managers’ ability to understand their colleagues at senior, subordinate and peer levels with their feelings and thought patterns as well as their behaviour or what they say enables them to have a broad perspective. It is important for the manager to combine his/her awareness and managerial competences in this direction.

1) What is coaching and what is not?

2) Basic Coaching Skills

3) Communication Theories

4) Roles in conflict

5) Communication with Subordinate and Co-Position

6) Leadership, Motivation Persuasion

With coaching training for managers, managers become communication professionals and ensure their life balance by using coaching skills in their organisations as well as new perspectives on leadership, motivation, delegation and persuasion strategies.

Managers, Manager Candidates

Maximum 20 people

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