In-House Coaching Training

In-House Coaching Training

“In-House Coaching Training” is particularly concerned with the manager’s ability to identify other people and utilise their talents. This training is designed in a structure that can provide transformation for everyone who is a leader and has the potential to be a leader, and that you can visibly notice.

1) Taking responsibility and reducing interference

2) Overcoming psychological blocks

3) Building trust

4) To be able to make performance improvement plan

The training takes place in a workshop environment. An application environment is provided for the participants to learn leadership competencies by experiencing and feedback is given with the experience and knowledge of the workshop leader. In addition to the theoretical information to be given, the programme has a content where participants can share and practice their leadership experiences.

Participants will gain a wide range of coaching skills and experience the benefits of using them within the organisation.

All employees

Maximum 20 people

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