Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

Sola Unitas Academy “Conflict Management Training” is based on coaching skills unlike conventional systems. By using coaching skills, participants experience how to solve the issues that cause conflicts in business and private life, and how to manage this situation until they solve it.

These conflicts, which are caused by the differences between our identity we have created during our lives and the identities of the people we work with and communicate with, and the differences in behaviour and perception caused by these differences, are carried to a different dimension thanks to our changing perceptions through the practices during the training.

1) Self-recognition

2) Getting to know the other person

3) Identifying sources of conflict

4) Roles in conflict

5) What happens during a conflict?

6) Conflict preventive behaviour model

7) Solution approaches in conflict

The training offers the participants the opportunity to experience in a workshop environment and feedback is given with the experience and knowledge of the workshop leader. In addition to the theoretical information to be given, the programme will be designed with the content that the participants will share their experiences in conflict moments and practice on them.

In Conflict Management training, the person experiences awareness of understanding himself/herself and the person he/she is in contact with and acquires conflict management skills.

Managers at all levels, those working as a team, those in contact with the customer.

Maximum 20 people

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