Lean Coaching Training


Kaizen is a Japanese production and quality system used especially in manufacturing companies and factories to perfect systems, prevent waste and ultimately maximise efficiency.

Kaizen means kai change and zen means better in Japanese. These lean systems, which have found intensive application in our country, are successfully implemented by some companies, but unless sufficient motivation and the necessary behavioural change can be shown, they only increase bureaucracy and even after a while create primitive structures in which employees are hindered instead of supporting them. As long as the employees are not sufficiently supported towards the vision of the company, it only causes waste of resources instead of reducing waste or increasing efficiency.

The “Lean Coaching” model, developed for this purpose and targeting production companies, is different from the classical coaching models in that it is designed to provide the practitioners of the system with coaching skills and to provide the necessary tools, equipment and communication skills to ensure the establishment and sustainability of the system, especially for those who are at the level of managers and / or engineers in the factory and enterprise, with a semi-technical expression and a whole of applications.

Thanks to the lean coaching training, it will be possible to work on the basic building blocks that sustain an enterprise and to think about the parameters that will enable the enterprise to become Happiness Ltd Şti. How can we become a more profitable business with more efficient and happier employees? We can tell people what to do and how to do it, but we cannot tell them what to think and how to feel.

Through this training, it is aimed to help the participants to get to know themselves more closely with examples in a factory simulation, to understand their thinking structures, to help them solve problems with effective questions, to reach the awareness of asking questions and learning together. They will reach a view of knowing and improving their own situation.

Production Managers, Engineers, Production Supervisors

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