Team Building Training

Team Building Training

With Team Building Training, it is aimed for managers to acquire the ability to develop their leadership skills, as well as to have the ability to develop the leadership skills of team members by learning the art of mobilising teams with motivation towards a goal and ensuring that they reach that goal.

It is aimed to provide training participants with the following competencies;

1) Stress management, coping with stress,

2) Result oriented,

3) Being able to share success,

4) Personal awareness,

5) Ability to manage/resolve conflicts,

6) Ability to communicate correctly,

7) Creating a common goal,

In our studies, the method of learning by experience is used in a workshop environment created in the classroom. In the study, participants confront themselves and their interactions with everyone they are in contact with in the laboratory environment, in small groups, through the practices they participate in and mutual feedback, and gain skills in understanding where themselves and others are in a team and the dynamics of the team.

With this study, participants will first experience the methods of getting to know themselves and others, then focusing on the purpose of the team and the connections between team members, providing an environment of trust within the team necessary for high performance, conflict methods, and approaches to creating commitment.

Managers at all levels, working as a team.

Maximum 20 people

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