Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Team coaching supports the formation and continuity of high-performance teams. It makes this the culture of the company. Team coaching is centred on ensuring the continuity of the culture of change.

When team coaching is needed in companies:

– In the change process of the organisation.

– If the team is not working well, if its performance is low.

– At the beginning of a new project.

– In the next process of a high performance team.

– When there are personal quarrels, gossip and miscommunication within the team.

– In moments of increased layoffs.

– To improve the functioning of virtual teams.

Group or team coaching is a facilitated group process led by a professional coach, created with the intention of increasing the combined energy, experience and wisdom of the participants to achieve organisational and individual goals. Team coaching is the coaching of the team as a living entity, a system with a separate life, made up of individuals and their interrelationships. This is a prerequisite for team performance. Every team is a system. Each system has a different formation from the people in it. The team coach does not coach the team members individually; he/she treats the team as a whole, as a system. As such, change, development and difference are created in the system. As the system develops, the team members within it will also differentiate. Trust is the most important concept of teams. Creating trust in a team will be realised much more effectively when the team is considered as a system. Each created or formed team has different characteristics. No two teams are alike. A team is a living dynamic system; every event, every behaviour, every word changes the team. The team has a unique personality, different moods and vision. A team is a culture with verbal and non-verbal rules and values.

“The key elements of working with a team are knowing how to deal with change, resolving conflicts and seeing how to reach potential. A team works well when its needs meet the needs of its members.” – Max DePree

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