Azerbaijan ACTP Coaching Training Program Structure

Azerbaijan ACTP Coaching Training Program Structure

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the world’s recognized authority on coaching. Sola Unitas CA is fully authorized to accompany you to the end of the process of earning the ACC and PCC titles accredited by the ICF in Azerbaijan and many other countries around the world. Sola Unitas CA “Advancing the Path to Core Coaching Masteries” program is influenced by the Gestalt methods of Fritz and Laura Perls in coaching education. The entire program lasts 150 hours and consists of classroom sessions, experiential teaching methods and workshops.
All those who want to participate in our coaching training program are interviewed by phone or face-to-face interview. After the interview, which lasts between 15-30 minutes, the person’s values and competencies are analyzed to determine their suitability for the coaching program and if the person is found suitable for the program, they are accepted to the training. The interview focuses on the person’s suitability to be a coach, their fit with the class profile, and the benefits they will gain from the trainings.


The program consists of 150 hours.

(a) Professional coach candidates who want to get ICF title through ICF Portfolio method can apply for ICF title after completing the first four modules.

(b) For professional coach candidates who want to be fully equipped on the way to obtain the ICF title and to progress professionally with Sola Unitas CA in this process, the entire training program consists of 4 compulsory and 2 elective modules.

Compulsory and elective modules are given below. Click here for more detailed information about the module contents.

Compulsory Training Modules

– Basic Coaching Training (Module 1)

– Coach Presence (Module 2)

– World of Possibilities (Module 3)

– Co-creation (Module 4)

Elective Education Modules

– Executive Coaching Training (Module 5)

– Team Coaching Training (Module 6)

– Relationship Coaching Training (Module 7)

– Student Coaching Training (Module 8)

CityModule 1Module 2Module 3Module 4
Bakü /Azerbaycan02 May – 03 May 2016 May – 17 May 2030 May – 31 May 2013 Jun – 14 Jun 20

You can click here for our faculty members.

– According to Motto Research, Sola Unitas Academy is the most satisfied school among the three largest coaching training programs. Click here for more details.

– Our training is based on being a coach, not coaching.

– We have experience not only in Azerbaijan but also in many international countries.

– In order to be the most successful school towards our vision and to maintain our success, we support our students’ title processes to the end.

– We prepare coaching projects for our graduates to become life coaches and enable them to start coaching.

– Sola Unitas Training Program carries ICF (International Coaching Federation) accreditation, which is accepted as an authority in the world. Approved and accredited trainings have different qualifications.

– Sola Unitas is authorized to conduct an oral exam in Turkish in order to graduate from ACTP.

– The training is delivered according to the standards established by Thomas Leonard, the pioneer of coaching. In addition, the content of the life coaching training includes effective methods adapted to coaching from the Gestalt method and important scientists such as B.F. Skinner, Milton Erickson and Spinoza, one of the best psychotherapists of the century.

Trainings can be purchased as separate modules. The fee for each module is 400 USD. The entire 4-module basic training package is 1.250.-USD and the ACTP program fee is 2.500 USD. Our early term discounts are 20% for 60 days and 10% for 30 days.

You can fill out the form to apply for the training or send an e-mail to or call 0 534 224 96 60 for more information.

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