Career Coaching Training

Career Coaching Training

The career field is changing rapidly. Career Coaching is one of the areas where coaching will be most in demand in the future, and it is in active demand today.

The word career comes from the French word carriére, meaning: route, path, occupation.

We often talk about career; having a successful career, a happy career, managing a career. Although Career Management is one of the areas that Human Resources Departments of companies work on, it is actually the employee’s job to manage his/her career. When it comes to issues such as choosing a profession and drawing a career path, other people are also involved. Family, friends, teachers… Sometimes they talk about the professions of the future and give advice. Sometimes they talk about which professions have job guarantees. For some, it goes like this; when it is not on their minds at all, because the score in the university exam coincides with that, they study and graduate from that department. Thus, the person finds himself/herself in that profession and the job search process begins. As a result of such random choices, a working life begins, accompanied by these questions: “am I doing what I love?” “why am I working here?” “am I using my potential?” “what would happen if I were doing this job?” “should I settle in a seaside town?”

Although the definitions emphasize that the main purpose of having a profession is to earn an income, we all know that there are dozens of side purposes besides the main purpose and that these side purposes sometimes surpass the main purpose. To express oneself, to feel useful, to feel valuable/important, to want to help people, to be liked by our environment, to belong to a group, to be approved/liked by society…

Especially nowadays, Generation Y’s questioning is even more intense. We can say that they are braver than Generation X in asking difficult questions such as the search for meaning in their work and what they will leave to the world. They believe there is another motivation and they are not willing to give up.

The client group that a career coach enjoys working with the most may be the clients who are just starting their professional life. It will be very satisfying for the career coach to be with them as they draw their career path and to send them off to a happy and fulfilled life.

Being able to see the importance of temperament and values in choosing a career is like completing half of the job. Given this fact, it is not surprising to see that there are so many unhappy employees.

The rate of employees who want to change their profession is striking. The rate of those who are aware of this desire and change their profession is also quite striking. According to a study on the subject, 67 percent of employees change their profession after 35.

In this training, topics such as the career stage of the client, changing working styles, career perception in male and female employees, fear of change, career patterns that the career coach should know are added to the toolbox.

Participants have the chance to practice using Career Coaching Models for two days. In this well-attended training where experiences are shared and ideas are discussed, similarities and differences with other coaching fields are also clarified.

Those who want to invest in their knowledge and practical competence in the field of career coaching will provide awareness and insights on how to bring a client to his/her highest potential. Developing strengths, increasing self-awareness, developing natural talents and skills will be the most important agendas in the training content.

– 20 people.

Training duration is 2 days.

Ayça Kabaş

You can visit for online training dates..: Online Coaching Trainings

The tuition fee is 7500 TL and 6250 TL for Sola Unitas students. Prices include VAT. For all our prices, Maximum, World Card, Card Finans, Bonus, Paraf and Axcess cards can be used in 6 installments without maturity difference. A 5% commission is applied for terms between 7-9 months.

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