Career Workshop

Career Workshop

“I have a monotonous job.”
“My feet go backwards when I go to work.”
“I can never improve myself in this job.”
“I don’t see a future for myself here.”
“I cannot use what I have learned, my skills are atrophying.”

How many of these statements describe your situation?
Would you like it to be like this?

“I am very satisfied with my job.”
“I am able to realize myself.”
“I am taking firm steps forward in my career.”
“What I produce is part of the whole and I can see that, I can put my soul into it.”

The career field is changing rapidly. We are no longer strangers to flexible working hours, part-time work and project-based jobs. According to studies, freelancers, consultants, contract workers and entrepreneurs will soon make up half of the workforce.

Compared to the previous generation, we are changing jobs more frequently. Employees can make major career changes more than once. Faster access to information thanks to technology makes it easier to change careers.

There is a real relationship between career and happiness. Most employees question how fulfilling their work is. This environment is driving each of us towards more effective career management.

In the Career Workshop for those who want to keep up with these changes, participants ask questions to themselves or out loud. They hear other people’s questions and realize how similar they are. Some of the questions are written down and some are shared aloud. At the end of the day, a strategy, an action plan is prepared. The motivation to start has now been found. Values, goals, life purpose are questioned. The person who comes in the morning changes, transformation begins, even if he/she is not aware of it.

This workshop is extremely useful for those who want to shape their career. In addition to employees who are not happy in their jobs and want to make a change in their careers, participants who are in their last year at university or recent graduates will benefit greatly. The aim is to redefine the career field. People who have retired but know that they will benefit now and want to have a job that they can both enjoy and earn an income can also take part in the workshop. Participants leave the workshop with career inventories to guide them, to look at their careers from different perspectives and to improve day by day. This inventory is a guide for career choices.

We come together to find the right field for you and reinvent your career.
Because we know that
We all have a field that is at our core and excites us. Serving it makes our lives meaningful. With the motivation coming from here, we can stay in the flow and find our happy profession.
We dream of a world where everyone, experienced or young, happily goes to work in this world. Come and accompany our dream in this workshop!

April 19, 2020, Istanbul, Koala Bookstore Event Hall (Nişantaşı)

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Ayça Kabaş

The training fee is 1500 TL and the prices do not include VAT. For all our prices, 6 installments can be made to World Card, Bonus and Axcess cards without any maturity difference. A 5% commission is applied for terms between 6-9 months.

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