Emotional Intelligence Training (EQ)

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Why do people with high IQs tend to be less successful than their friends with average IQs? Or why the most analytical of us do not have the highest success in relationships. The latest research shows that emotional intelligence is much more important in relationships, satisfaction in life and leadership. The best news is that while IQ cannot be developed after childhood, EQ, or emotional intelligence, can be developed throughout life…

“Emotional literacy” is basically the ability to recognize, understand and manage both our own feelings and the feelings of others with whom we interact.

Emotional Intelligence Training is designed for change managers, business leaders, trainers, coaches, teachers and other social workers.

Today, the top executive of a company is perceived as a business leader, not just a manager. The quality, emotional intelligence and values of the leader affect everyone working in the company and structure the value system of that business. The companies of the next century will be companies with high emotional intelligence, led by leaders with high emotional intelligence, with employees with high emotional intelligence and with high emotional intelligence.

An educator or coach with high emotional intelligence builds a much stronger relationship of trust with his/her students or clients.

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