Parent Coaching Training

Parent Coaching Training

According to research, when people are asked about their happiest moments in life, the most common answer is ‘when I hold my child in my arms’. His/her first look, first word, first step are among the moments they cannot forget. As time flies by, in the challenging conditions of life, for some reason parents forget these firsts and find themselves throwing tantrums, fighting with their children or constantly giving advice. They see themselves as worn out, exhausted and unhappy individuals in an impasse with no end and no solution.

The aim of parent coaching is to help parents meet with their own essence in order to discover the reasons that brought them to this impasse, and then, with the awareness of the family structure, values and beliefs they have established, to meet the needs of the parents first and then the needs of the child through healthy communication models.

Parent coaching is a creative partnership process with parents in order to reveal the potentials of all individuals in the family and to create structures that can use positive communication models within the family by benefiting each other at the highest level.

Every family has a book. They start writing the first page of this book on the day they take a step to become a family. They create a different texture on each page with their own values and beliefs, and as the pages progress, a person who is both their own and who is themselves begins to create brand new pages. And this book bears traces that will form the texture of the pages of new books.

Training duration is 2 days.

Görkem Atakay

You can visit for online training dates: Online Coaching Trainings

The tuition fee is 7500 TL and 6250 TL for Sola Unitas students. Prices include VAT. For all our prices, Maximum, World Card, Card Finans, Bonus, Paraf and Axcess cards can be used in 6 installments without maturity difference. A 5% commission is applied for terms between 7-9 months.

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