Relationship Coaching Training

Relationship Coaching Training

Unlike other types of coaching, our International Coach Federation (ICF) approved “Leveraging Couples into Sustainable Relationships through Relationship Coaching” training is designed to provide coaches with the knowledge and skills to read and coach not only the person but also the relationship between them. The relationship in question here is primarily the relationship between partners who have crossed paths in their emotional lives. However, our individual stance in our relationship with our partner; our expectations from our partner and our relationship; the way we contribute to our partner and our relationship are closely linked to the relationships we had with our parents many years ago. For this reason, parent-child is one of the primary relationships that education includes.

Relationships are the foundation of our lives. It is our relationships that fulfill what we need from the outside and make us who we are. We develop and transform through them. For this reason, it is a priority for our life satisfaction that our relationships are balanced, sustainable and compatible with ourselves, our values and our lifestyles. We learn our relationship skills for the first time through our parents by experiencing or observing them one-on-one. The people from whom we receive/model these skills can be healthy or unhealthy individuals. Especially if we have modeled unhealthy individuals, this can manifest itself in relationships later in life. Why do some people have happy, balanced and satisfying relationships while others continue to have unhappy, unbalanced and unsatisfying relationships?

When a painful relationship becomes unbearable, it brings about a breakup. Our natural defense mechanisms are activated to protect ourselves; we use this negative experience as a reference for future experiences and “hide” ourselves in a safe place. A shell that protects us from pain, but at the same time deprives us of the joy of living and having fun.

Let’s rewind the movie…. What would it be like if we made the choice not to enter into a relationship that we realized from the first moment that it would not be sustainable, or if we were in a good relationship and faced with problems, but were able to handle them in a healthy way that would strengthen the relationship?

Problems, when handled correctly, serve to strengthen the foundation of the relationship. Desired, expected and desired relationships can be built. Unhealthy ways of relating can be replaced with healthy ways of relating with awareness and effort. If two people want to stay together and make their relationship work despite what they call “very fundamental” differences, they can do it. But how? The Relationship Coach is involved in the couple’s journey during these and similar situations; she accompanies and partners with the couple by reading and reflecting the couple’s communication and relationship building cycles and structuring the relationship so that their relationship can be sustainable and satisfying. During this partnership, it is essential that the individuals have a common goal for their relationship and how committed they are to this process.

In addition to the knowledge and skills about coaching a relationship, the training also goes into the details of coaching people who want to receive coaching specific to “relationship”. Communication with oneself, constantly attracting similar people into one’s life (finding them attractive), insisting on relationships in which one is not happy, including relationships that do not or cannot last consecutively despite wanting a sustainable relationship, the search for the Perfect Man / Perfect Woman, the concepts of I and we, etc. The building blocks that an expert Relationship Coach should know are discussed, detailed and shared interactively with the participants within the training.

The Relationship Coach enables the client to see the relationship from a different perspective. The coach and the client work together to help the client leave bad relationships behind, change them if necessary and build healthy and sustainable relationships for the future.

The Relationship Coach supports the client in setting goals to develop healthy relationship skills such as boundaries, decisiveness and honest communication.
The coach talks to the client about skills such as listening at various levels, asking effective questions and how to be “us” with the other person; when the client is equipped with these skills, they gain the confidence to make healthy and informed decisions about their relationships.

The Relationship Coach supports the client to balance his/her own needs with the needs of the person with whom he/she is in a relationship, thus building a satisfying relationship.For this, a successful Relationship Coach should have an understanding of how to establish this balance in their own life and make it a part of their life. The Relationship Coach prepares a safe ground for his/her clients to be honest and sensitive.She supports her clients to explore their relationship models and expectations objectively and with their true selves.The Relationship Coach must be on his/her own path to creating healthy relationships and must take the responsibilities he/she asks his/her clients to take in an open, honest and sensitive space.

Coaches who choose relationships as their specialty should also work to develop their own relationship skills and be enthusiastic about supporting their clients to create healthy and vibrant relationships in all areas of their lives.

Relationship Coaching Training consists of 2 full days and in order to participate in this training, it is necessary to have at least 60 hours of International Coach Federation (ICF) approved Professional Coaching training. The participant must document this.

Asli Aydemir Aytaç, CSF, SCPC, MCC

You can find the trainer’s background information here.

You can visit for online training dates: Online Coaching Trainings

The tuition fee is 7500 TL and 6250 TL for Sola Unitas students. Prices include VAT. For all our prices, Maximum, World Card, Card Finans, Bonus, Paraf and Axcess cards can be used in 6 installments without maturity difference. A 5% commission is applied for terms between 7-9 months.

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