Team Coaching Training

Team Coaching Training

The Team Coaching Training “Coaching Teams” is approved by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and is conducted under the license of the International Association of Coaching (IAC). The 2-day Sola Unitas Coach Academy Team Coaching Training aims to help newly graduated and experienced professional coaches to work in corporate life and coach team dynamics and complex systems. Corporate coaching, which accounts for a significant share of the coaching turnover in the world and in Turkey, will continue to maintain this important position in the future.

“With the Team Coaching Program, you can work professionally in corporate coaching and gain the necessary competencies in this field.”

With the Team Coaching Training Program, in addition to acquiring the ability to develop the leadership skills of managers; you will have the ability to develop the leadership skills of team members by learning the art of motivating teams towards a goal and enabling them to achieve that goal.

Team coaching supports the formation and continuity of high-performance teams. It makes it the culture of the company. Team coaching is centered on sustaining a culture of change.

When is team coaching needed in companies?

-During the change process of the organization.

-If the team is not working well, if its performance is low.

-At the beginning of a new project.

-In the next process of a high performing team.

-When there are personal fights, gossip, miscommunication within the team.

-In moments of increased layoffs.

-To improve the functioning of virtual teams.

Group or team coaching is a facilitated group process led by a professional coach, created with the intention of increasing the combined energy, experience and wisdom of the participants to achieve organizational and individual goals. Team coaching is the coaching of the team as a system, a living entity with a separate life, made up of individuals and their interrelationships. This is a prerequisite for team performance. Every team is a system. Each system is different from the individuals in it. The team coach does not coach team members individually; he/she treats the team as a whole, as a system. As such, change, development and difference are created in the system. As the system develops, the team members within it will also differentiate. Trust is the most important concept of teams. Building trust in a team will be realized much more effectively when the team is considered as a system. Each created or formed team has different characteristics. No two teams are alike. A team is a living dynamic system; every event, every behavior, every word changes the team. The team has its own personality, different moods and vision. A team is a culture with verbal and non-verbal rules and values.

“The key elements of working with a team are knowing how to deal with change, resolving conflicts and seeing how to reach potential. A team works well when its needs meet the needs of its members.” – Max DePree

When we talk about team success, we are talking about the results of dynamic and systematic structures that work effectively, efficiently, produce creative processes and solutions, and maintain continuous harmony by mobilizing potential far beyond the total number of team members. With team coaching, team members learn to trust each other, communicate openly, listen to each other and respect each other. On the other hand, expectations are made clear and filtered. Team coaching enables participants to support and encourage other participants, and is fast becoming the standard for achieving individual goals. This training on team coaching will give coaches a foundation for their strengths and the benefits of group coaching.

– At least 60 hours of IAC or ICF approved training

You can visit for online training dates: Online Coaching Trainings

Fügen Günay Albayrak, MCC

You can find the CVs of the trainers here.

The tuition fee is 7500 TL and 6250 TL for Sola Unitas students. Prices include VAT. For all our prices, Maximum, World Card, Card Finans, Bonus, Paraf and Axcess cards can be used in 6 installments without maturity difference. A 5% commission is applied for terms between 7-9 months.

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