Train the Trainer Certificate Program

MEB Approved Train the Trainer Certificate Program

The Meb-approved train-the-trainer certificate program is a training program aimed at providing those who want to become a successful trainer by further developing themselves in areas where their skills and knowledge allow, with all the knowledge and skills required for this goal. The trainer should be self-confident, have a good command of presentation techniques and have high interactive communication skills.

Technical competence alone means nothing when providing training. We fail to teach even the subjects we know very well by being insufficient especially in effective presentation and knowledge transfer. Being a common-sense educator in education, being familiar with the techniques of winning and motivating difficult participants, stage posture and successful presentation preparation are among the topics shared with the participants in the MEB approved trainer certificate program.

This training; Human resources employees who are trained as trainers in private institutions, freelance trainers, those who want to train in public units and public courses, those who will provide fire training as a compulsory certificate, occupational safety experts, workplace physicians, it is mandatory to obtain the trainer training certificate in accordance with the following regulation.

At the end of the Training of Trainer Course:

– Learn the basic principles of adult education

– Comprehend learning models in adult education

– Design effective training program content and visual materials

– Ensure efficiency in education delivery

– Manage difficult participants

– You will be able to create an interactive, memorable and enjoyable training program.

Training Start Date: June 29, 2019

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