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We are long past the time when the use of long-standing education systems in adult education is no longer meaningful or when adults are taught in the manner of a classical primary school teacher. Studies should be capable of changing behaviors rather than providing information in adult education. Leaders who appeal to the participant’s wisdom rather than their lack of knowledge can bring about real behavioral change. The way to transform the flow of information in the environment into wisdom is through the workshop leader’s ability to manage relationships and transfer the flow of information.

As a company that has been serving in the education sector for years, we know very well what it means to be a good trainer and speaker. It’s not about being an expert on the subject – although that is important – but about being able to reach the participants and touch their emotions in order to prepare the ground for learning.

Unfortunately, not everyone is suited to be a workshop leader. Therefore, only those who are suitable and/or have the potential for this profession will be accepted for the “Talented Workshop Leader” program. The program capacity is 12 people and will last approximately 4 months. Candidates who will be accepted to the program through an interview will participate in workshops in a classroom environment for 8 days.

Whether you are a subject matter expert or a trainer by profession, this workshop will give you the tools to deliver an impressive performance. This will sometimes require you to step away from your PowerPoint and Prezi-like presentations and forget what you know. A good performance is less about the technical tools you use and more about the correct and appropriate transfer of the wisdom you have created within yourself.

Priority Competencies to be gained after the “Talented Workshop Leader” Program

– Create a flexible environment that is trustworthy and open to sharing,

– Recognizing your strengths and discovering opportunities for improvement that will enable you to improve your transfer skills,

– Manage the group’s attention and overall tempo,

– Ability to correctly interpret and manage signals from the external environment, from participants or from emotional triggers within yourself,

– Recognize the emotions of the participants and manage the communication according to the moment,

– To be able to use tools and techniques to ensure the internalization of what is conveyed by attracting the attention of participants and listeners,

– Ask powerful questions to stimulate learning,

– Ability to communicate with “difficult” and “closed” participants,

– To be able to understand different learning styles and develop flexible models for them.

All applications must be submitted by a maximum of December 31, 2023.

After we receive the application documents, a preliminary interview will be held with the applicant. After the preliminary interview, your application request will be evaluated. The program is a very challenging program and can only be completed with a disciplined work.

Documents and details required for application

– A cover letter stating your personal goal regarding your purpose of participating in the program.

– Your CV including the trainings and studies you have attended/presented before

– University diploma

Application fee: 300 TL. Candidates who are not accepted after the preliminary interview will not be refunded.

Program capacity is limited to 12 people (Participants from the previous semester can also take part in the program).

The program fee is 20.000 + VAT. Training materials are included in the fee. Payments should be made until maximum one week after the interview results are announced.

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